We were recently informed of the 50 million handed out to so called ‘consultants’ by the newly formed Irish Water. By eck that’s a lot of dosh just to tell most folk involved what they already knew.

Have ‘Irish Water’ made it clear exactly what their roles will be except to extort more cash from the poor tax payers pockets.

Will they be regarded also as the guardians of our waterways alongside the useless EPA and the lets turn a blind eye Inland Fisheries Board. Will they indeed take a closer look at the polluters who push noxious substances into waters that are used by local councils for drinking water abstaction. If so will they take a very close look at the factory on the upper Shannon that has been allowed to pump poison into the river for over 14 years, kill off fish and almost all the other creatures that live in it. Alas, I think not. watch this space though because I will be asking them. If they are managing drinking water lets have some that won;t make us at the very least, sick.


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