It’s quite remarkable how all those who are in power and also those who should be doing there jobs but aren’t ignore you when you have something which will cause a massive amount of embarrasment. Yes I have it and it’s a belter.

I have in my possession a tape recording. In fact I have had it in store now for over five years. It is a two way conversation between someone I know and a very senior member of our fisheries board. You may ask how significant is that! You may also ask why I haven’t disclosed it to anyone until now. I’ll tell you. On the first count the fisheries board executive clearly admits the massive down turn in sport on the Shannon is caused by a factory spewing poison into the water. Why haven’t I disclosed it until now. Well I may be a bit of a softy at heart but I do like the bloke in question and after all due to the international downturn less work at the factory meant less pollutants going in and there was a bit of an upturn in sport on the river.

So why start jumping up and down now you ask. I’ll tell you. Last may (2013) hundreds of dead and dying fish passed through Roosky over a five day period. Was I angry and upset. Bet your bloody life I was.

The fisheries board were alerted by a man running a business in the village. They did turn up and took samples away. They then reported that the fish had been kept in anglers keep nets too long. To quote vernacular that was a load of bollocks as there were no anglers around and if they were to kill so many fish there would have had to be hundreds.

The EPA at Castlebar were also informed. Guess what. They didn’t turn up at all. When asked why not they told the enquirer that they had gone to the wrong river. IT WAS THE SHANNON AT ROOSKY FOR GODS SAKE.  How simple is it to find that.

Are you getting the message now folks.

It Does get even better. Armed with my tape recording I went along to see one of our local TDs. I also had other very damning information regarding the said polluters.

Having played the tape and showed him the other stuff he admitted that he had also heard of the problems caused by said factory. I told him that over ten years ago I had aproached the presenters of a well known TV programme that investigated such problems. They agreed to run the programme but pulled out the week before they were due to record it.

My sympathetic TD assured me he would contact them again and I would be contacted. To my amazement the following week I was contacted by one of the senior presenters who assured me that this time the show would go ahead.

Six months have now passed by with no contact even though on several occasions I have attempted to contact them with no response.

I’m beginning to think that my TD contacted them and said ring this bloke up just to shut him up or am I being too cynical. Maybe.

I just looked up in my dictionary the word pariah. It just says social out cast. I guess thats me folks!

So I have no alternative left. Nobody is going to like my next move. Keep watching this space.It will be a shocker.


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