About This Website

Welcome to my ‘Fishing for all’ website.

Just another fishing website? I don’t think so! The serious amount of feedback I already get from those of you who read my articles and listen to my rants on the radio, I feel sure are going to enjoy my fishingforall.com website. Within the site I will be passing opinion and comment on all that appertains to the Irish angling scene. I will place emphasis on all that is taking place, good or bad, on our wonderful rivers and lakes.

Regardless if you are just new to the sport, a keen hobby angler or a serious match man there will be something I suspect that will raise your eyebrows and being from true Yorkshire stock I will pull no punches in my weekly rant column. If I raise your blood pressure, make you angry or even if you agree with what I say don’t be shy get in touch and forward your own opinions please.

I will also only be too happy to pass on my knowledge of how to tackle some of the daunting venues we have here. Not all Irish angling is easy. Many go home disappointed. Perhaps what I have to say will help to change some of the bad results anglers suffer. If I can I will only be too pleased to help.

Within the sections of my website I will attempt to let you know what is taking place over here. If possible I will inform you of what is and isn’t producing the results you require.

Keep watching this space. It could get very hot!!!!

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