Antis use shit for brains


A few days ago I happened to pick up a national newspaper and a report about 5 pages in caught my eye. It told the story of a gang of the anti hunting, fishing and shooting brigade who had been ‘brave’ enough to steal the pet dog which was the companion of a master of one of the UK hunts. These mindless bits of shit then battered the poor creatures brains out with a club and left it dead on the mans drive. Now how animal friendy and Fin humane is that.

This morning whilst supping my customary pint of tea I opened up the weekly Anglers Mail. (Yes I know I write for the Irish Anglers Digest but I do read other mags) In it was an article saying ‘Antis attack angling funds.  It also displayed a picture that these pulchritudeous bits of phlegm are distributing. It shows a picture of a rather forlorn looking dog with a huge sea hook in it’s lip. The picture is badly done and obviously a fake. Underneath it there is the wording, If you wouldn’t do this to a dog, why do it to a fish.


On one  hand they batter a poor pet to death and on the other, these two faced bastards accuse us of being cruel.

They are not only  a disgrace to the country side but also to the country and the human race. There is a cure for them but unfortunately we are not allowed to use it.

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