Back to the Same Old S–t


I hadn’t been back long when I received a call regarding foreign nationals intimidating both Irish and UK anglers in Killikeen Forest Park. It appears proper anglers were stopped from crossing over the bridge by these mindless intruders.

Another report from two lads on holiday told of visiting a water where three FNs were on the bank. When the English lads got out of the car they noticed one of the FNs using his mobile. Minutes later two BMWs came up like bats out of hell and the FN reinforcements alighted. The English lads decided that discretion was the better part of valour and quickly left the scene.

The week before last we removed 3 fyke nets which were spaced across the Carrygeen channel. One had a drowned Otter in it plus a few fish. The second had around 25lbs of roach and hybrids. The third had upwards of 200lbs of dead and dying fish in it including pike, big bream, specimen hybrids, perch, plus roach most would give their high teeth to catch. IFI gill nets in Ree, Conn and Cullin plus FN criminals does not paint a great picture for anybody wishing to visit this beautiful country does it?

You know what. I do get a little weary. I often wonder why I should give a F. We are currently shooting an expose on what is wrong with the Shannon. The film company are going to great lengths to project the true picture. They approached several folk recently who had lost their livelyhoods or been seriously affected by the lack of tourism caused by the fish disappearing. Guess what. Not one of the gutless so and so,s would appear on film including an aspiring local politican who years ago strongly objected to to the source of what pollutes the river.

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