Dredging Aint the Answer


Sky News can be very fickle. I watch it but most of the time it infuriates me. For weeks now it has been full of the devastation caused by flooding with very little air time for anything else. It loves to lurch from one disaster to the next and when another crops up the previous one is dropped like the proverbial hot spud. The Ukranian situation now supercedes all and the flooding, even though still there, hardly gets a mention.

I suppose I have had a lot to say about all the water we have had dropped upon us since before Christmas and I have expounded my own theories on what should be done to eradicate the situation if it ever happens again. I have stated that dredging rivers is not the answer and building on flood plains is down right madness. You can dredge a river as deep as you like but when it’s full, it’s full and the result will always be the same. Over it goes into somebodies garden or back yard. I also told of the ecological disasters on rivers that had been turned into straight ditches in a forlorn attempt to stop water flooding farmers fields

Yesterday I came across a recently published article by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management. These guys by the way are not some group of no nothing Dick Heads unlike Mr Cameron and his spin base cohorts. They really know their stuff.

They go on to say…’Relying solely on dredging can make matters worse and make communities ‘MORE’ vunerable.’ Martin Salter who is an ex MP but one of the few with a good degree of intelligence states, ‘Dredging is no silver bullet but proper catchment management can make a difference. The government also needs to toughen up rather than weaken planning protection for vunerable flood plains.’

As I have previously stated if you build on a flood plane a dam of sorts is created. Nature has a way of getting it’s own back and it very often does with catastrophic consequences. Dredging rivers in most instances is just a short term answer in an attempt to placate the innocent and under informed.

Once again, I rest my case!



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