Expensive Poles Break Easy


Recently I penned a story about my mate Lloyd and the great cow debacle where all his carbon was trampled upon.

About the same time I had the import agency into Ireland for Maver Angling Products. Then I rated the poles the best on the market although some of them were a bit fragile to say the least. I used one then and still do.

Also at the time my wife and I ran Coopers lodge which was our 14 bed guest house. I had a tackle shop in Longford and also had one attached to the guest house. The place was always full and many of my guests purchased gear from me whilst on holiday. On this particular occasion the irish Summer was doing it’s worst and several of the guests were sitting in the lounge having a beer. It was far more pleasant getting wet on the inside rather getting soaked on the outside.

As we talked the conversation got round to who used what and this lad said he wasn’t satisified with the pole he was using. Not wishing to miss a possible sale I told him of the super dooper wizerony new Maver pole I had just started using and very quickly brought it for all to see.

‘I would like to see that put up but I am not going out in all that bloody rain,’ he said. Now here was a prospective client and not wishing to lose a sale I opened the lounge window, and stuck the pole out of it, assembling it to full length as I did so. I then handed it over to the punter.

‘By thats nice int it,’ the lad said and wagging the 14.5 metres madly around as he did so. ‘By eck int it stiff and light,’ he said, ‘And aah much isit.’ I told him the price. ‘Tha wot, tha must be jokin, Aah can’t afford owt like that,’ he said and then let the pole drop on to the lower edge of the window. I heard a distinctive click as the pole made contact with the aluminium. After telling my curb kicking client what a silly Billy he was I took the pole apart and looked up inside the section to see what damage had been done. Very carefull inspection revealed non that I could see.

Several days later my local mates and myself decided to fish a knock up between ourselves on the Shannon at Tarmonbarry. I was always banging on at them about Maver poles and how good they were. Non of them were aware of the plonker and the window incident.

We started fishing and out went 13metres of Maver carbon as I waxed lyrical to all how marvelous it was. My float immediately buried and I lifted into the fish to see the top five sections of my pole drop into the water. My reactionwas to call myself a prat for not putting it together correctly. The banter from either side of me then started.

I managed to rescue what had dropped into the river with my landing net. On inspection, almost at the joint on the 5th section the pole had broken. Where it had broken looked as though it had been cut with a lazer. It was clean as a whistle. The joy and the rapturous laughter that eminated from the eight so called mates that were with me held no bounds. The comments made about Maver poles would have given Phil Briscoe, MD at Maver a heart attack.

My only consolation that day was I telescoped one bit of pole inside the other and went on the whip the a—s off my p–s taking mates. As for the muppet who dropped the pole on to the window. I never let on to him the pole had snapped.





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