Fishing and the Immigration Debate.


I know I keep going on about the stealing of fish both here and in the UK by the recent infiltration of immigrants. Before you go off half cocked, yes I know I am an immigrant myself although after 23 years here I am just starting to feel like part of the scenery and not just a ‘blow in’ as my Irish mates call me.

During my talks at the angling show there were a good few numbers of lads from foreign climbs. From the podium I made a point of having a laugh with them and they in turn laughed back. Several who were wearing hoodies when I broached the subject, in fun, pulled the hoods over their faces. I have no doubt that these guys respect the laws of this land and abide by the one pike limit. Our foreign invaders are NOT all bad.

Last night Channel 5 to their credit put out a two hour show. It was a debate on the immigration issue and at times got very heated. To be honest, to me it came over rather biased. In the main the audience appeared to beĀ  made up of immigrants or their supporters. Many even though born in the UK were black or coffee coloured. A lady called Katie made the point that Britain was full and as she attempted to elaborate she was heckled and shouted down. So was the bloke from UKIP. During the show the two evil so and so’s that call themselves ‘Lecturers in Sharia Law’ where allowed to speak freely and both refused to condemn the killing of Lee Rigby.

Here, for what it’s worth is how I see it. Anybody with a full education, without a criminal record and worthwhile credentials who can prove there is jobs available in their field of work, welcome them with open arms. As for the others and lets face it there are literally thousands, slam the door tight on them. If they have nothing to offer and most haven’t, keep them out.

When I visit the UK it is usually to the North. Most inner city areas have now been taken over by folk who have no interest in integration whatsoever. Most don’t work and never will. Many of them have been born here but talk with a sort of broken slang. There are many areas where white faces travel with trepidation and dare not stop their cars. I see gangs of youths just standing on street corners who look menacingly at you as you drive by. This cannot be right can it.

Call me a racist if you like. I am not. In a few weeks time I will be off to India to see all my Indian friends, some, I hope will holiday with me in this country later in the year. I’ll tell you what I am. I think I have a reasonable brain in my head and can see the situation that gets ever worse. Idiots like Tony Clegge and many others who run the country bury their empty heads in an attempt to ignore what is becoming a very volatile situation.

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