Floody Hell


Once more, this morning Sky News highlighted the plight of the folk who live on the Somerset Levels. My heart goes out to them. As a youth (check my next story) I spent many happy hours in Somerset mainly in and around the Langport area which set aside the fishing, is an area of remarkable beauty.

New properties, maybe through bad planning are now under water but others, including farms away from the main towns are flooded and have never been before.

Yes we have freak weather. Unprecedented rain fall plus high spring tides being pushed by high winds from America have created a disasterous nightmare.

There is much talk of climate change. We used to call it Global warming. The boffins got that one wrong. I believe over all there has been no rise in Global temperature for 17 years so very quietly we revert to ‘climate change.’

After a lazy start by  Mr Cameron and his co-horts (I believe the Minister for the Environment  has yet to visit) mad panic ensues. Pumps pumping water nowhere at all. Off the fields in to the river Parrot and then over flowing back across the fields again. Last night around 16 marines were called in with a few sand bags. Listening to local folk this morning the PR exercise just isn’t working.

The idiots wax lyrical in Parliament on how when the water subsides all the rivers on the levels will be dredged and cleared out. My point is if, in the future we do continue to suffer such deluges of water, dredging the rivers will not make one jot of difference. If you get a bottle regardless of size when it’s full it will spill over. I don’t care how deep you dig out a water course, taking into consideration it’s width also, when it’s full it’s full and with the amount of rain fall we are told we will get on a regular basis all they are doing is slightly slowing down the inevitable.

I think our ancestors had far more brain power than a lot give them credit for. The Dutch got it right and so did the men of Lincolnshire, the Fens and also Somerset.

To stay dry  and to keep land usable they dug  a lattice work of drains. They weren’t dug for Sunday sailors or for the likes of you and me to fish in. They were dug to stop aqua flooding their properties.

In a previous life I was a qualified engineer and folk tell me I was a pretty good one. In my opinion it doesn’t take a lot of working out does it. If we are really going to be subjected to Noahs Ark weather more drains, not ditches must be dug with easy flow access to the sea. OK, barrier gates would have to be constructed and under normal circumstances kept shut. Farmers would also lose a fraction of the land they own but under the circumstances, so what!

Will it happen? Of course it won’t. Cameron and his mates will tell you they simply can’t afford it.


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