Go steady on the bait


As the cold rainy weathercontinues to hit our sport it is essential that the correct baits are used and also in the correct amounts. The water remains clock cold and the knock on effect of this is that the metabolism of all fish remains lethargic. The fish will only eat the amount of bait it needs to stay healthy until the water temp increases.

Therefore the motto is feed little and often. I often feed just six of eight maggots every second cast until I get a positive response from the fish. Liquidised bread can be very effective for small to medium sized fish and using small particles of ‘punched’ bread on the hook.

If using ground bait mix it to a consistency that will break up to powder form as it hits the water. Once it is mixed makes sure it is very fine by passing it through a fine mesh riddle.

Another trick when it is cold for pole anglers is to make your ground bait into slop. This has to be introduced via a pole pot and ropped directly over the area to be fished. On the day this method can be very effective.

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