Keep it simple


When feeder fishing my advice is to keep it simple. There is now so much written about different techniques and to me many are over complicated rubbish. My advice is this. I tend to use a feeder which carries a fair amount of weight. This makes casting to where you want to fish easier with more accuracy. It gets the bait down quicker and just as important helps to hold firm as you tighten tip to feeder. Make sure your groundbait is the correct consistency. It needs to hit the bottom on most ocassions without spilling out and then break down as it leaves the feeder. If the bait is loaded with maggots give it an extra squeeze so the maggots go temporarily dormant. It wont be long before they beging to move and push the feed out wards. In still water I employ the paternoster method with hook lengths varying from as little as 12 inches and on ocassions up to 48 inches. In runing water I always fish a method called loop to loop. This eliminates tangles and gives good bite recognition. I will tell you more in another bulletin about how I fish the feeder with in depth instruction.

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