The reason I shoot


I often get asked why I shoot things. Most make the point that I absolutely refuse to kill any fish and all I catch swim away to fight another day.

Let me explain. I have always kept a ‘working’ dog. My black labrador Cindy is part of my life and my constant companion. She loves me and I guess the feeling is mutual. We both love the countryside and to be out with companions of a similar ilk is to us’ a wonderous occasion every single time we do it.

Meeting like minded folk is one of the highlights of our day. Almost all are splendid people with one singular aim. To protect at all cost the rurality we have and the birds and animals that live within it.

But you shoot things I hear you say. True enough but a true sportsman does not plunder all he sees. Take Pheasants for instance. At great cost these fabulous birds are nurtured for long periods before being released into the wilds and soon become a very crafty quarry. On average for every 100 released only just over 30 are actually shot. The rest are left for all to see in their garb of many colours.

To slaughter is not our aim. A brisk walk, being at one with nature, good company and the total understanding between man and dog plus a bird for the pot is my idea of what it’s all about.


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