The rod licence debate.


I just had a regular visitor who collects bait from me weekly. He is a newcomer to the sport and a good lad and a quick learner. He listens intently as to what I tell him and has fish welfare at heart and tends to do every thing by the book. Today he proudly announced he had purchased his regional ‘rod’ licence from the only outlet in Longford who is prepared to sell them. I asked him why he had purchased one as at 38 Euro the price is scandulous. He told me he wanted to do the right thing and fish legally. I then asked him to read the back and tell me how many of the waters he fished were on the list. His reply there was one only, the Camlin river. I asked did he regard the Camlin worth the 38 sovs he had just forked out. His reply, not really. I then asked if he was aware that in the UK a full National licence could be got for far less money than he had just been charged. I also asked him to check out, of all the waters on the list how many were out and out coarse fusheries. Not many! I,ve been ripped off was his reply.

This is where I stand on the rod licence issue. I was very much against the introduction of any form of rod licence. These days I am all for it under this proviso. The annual fee is of a realistic nature. Weekly and monthly rod licences be proportionat. All revenue be used in the furtherance of angling in this country and not to line some pen pushers arse pocket. At the end of every year a balance sheet be made available for public scrutiny. Yep, I’ll vote for that!

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