Too Much Wind


Bloody windmills are every where. Trouble is if the government mumpties get their way we are going to see a lot more of ‘em. I don’t know about you lot but when I am fishing I do love to see the fabulous Irish country side which surrounds us all. Not some goddam infernal structure that resembles something out of a Stephen King novel.

To my knowledge not one power station has closed down with the advent of these bits of inefficient crap. They not only annoy the daylights out of me when I have to fish within sight or earshot but they also chop up birds, bats or any other poor creature that flies into them. The latest daft idea is that we install a load more and then sell the stuff they generate to anybody who cares to purchase it. Hell fire thats a great idea isn’t it.

The UK have their own massive drive to producing their own power and so have all the other countries close enough to flog it to. If they do produce some spare juice will we be able to buy it at a knock down rate so we can warm our feet after leaving the river bank. Not on your Nelly my friends. Tourism was once one of our main source of income. I am assured that there is a new incentive to get folk back. Can you imagine a bus full of Americans or anybody else listening to the tour guide, ‘Ah yes and these are the windmills of Leitrim and as we move on I would like you all to see the bloody windmills of Cavan.’ I recently spoke to a large group of visitng anglers. One lad made the comment, ‘Your management have already f—-d the country. Any more and we aint coming back.’

Final word. Doesn’t it make you think it could well be another scheme to help the fat cats get even fatter. I think so!

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