water report 14th may


Apologies for lack of reports but my extended stay away plus problems on my return made it impossible to to get back on line. Expect regular updates from now on.

I don’t have to tell you we are now 5 weeks behind our normal weather patterns. Yesterday snow settled in my back yard. I have photographs to prove it. Hence.

Most fish still have not begun to spawn. In fact the ones I caught three days ago had no tubicles on them at all. My Dutch friends were with me last week and although over a four day period they landed 99 pike, some had not spawned at all. Pike usualy pawn around the beginning of March.

Lanesboro still is not producing like it should and although fish are being caught the Upper Shannon is cold and carrying too much water.

The match on Killikeen last week proved very difficult with some dry nets and just two pegs showing any consitency.

The Erne is proving the same and is very patchy.

A  few tench showing on some lakes but it is mainly a waiting game.

Try some of the smaller lakes and rivers which are not carrying flood.

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