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It appears the weather is finally turning for the better. I got my cruiser back in the water last Saturday having done a full antifoul paint job on its under water line and repaired the damage on the starboard side that some bloody lunatic did while it was on it’s mooring in Roosky. I don’t pretend to be Francis Drake but when I see some of the idiots, mainly in hire cruisers going up and down the river attempting to break the water speed record with a can of lager in one hand and wheel in the other, the dark side of me cries out for them to hit the middle section of the old stone bridge.

I managed to fit in a few hours fishing on the Woodford with a mate of mine who conjures up a great pint pot of strong tea. I had 57 fish to his 4. I don’t wish to put the mockers on my pots of tea but maybe he should concentrate a little harder on the piscatorial art!

We were filming the documentary, ‘Fishing for Facts,’ again last week. I am still staggered at the reluctance of local folk who refuse to speak on camera when their lively hoods have been destroyed by the disappearance of all the anglers that used to visit the area. Totally beyond belief! Tomorrow we are filming from my boat along the river at Drumsna and down through Boderg. Qualified folk will be taking mud samples from the river bed and also water samples.

Next week I am off to India to see if I can catch a bigger Baramundi than I caught last year. Last years fish wieghed over 13 kilo and by anybodies measure that’s a bigun. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I should manage one more blog before I go but will talk to you all when I get back on the 27th of April. My mate Andrew and partner will be house sittingĀ  and looking after my two dogs Cindy and Shelly. He will also be attempting to catch some local tench. I will report on his efforts also.

Finally, the gill netting outrage does not subside, nor should it! Our taxes pay the wages of the folk who, without thought wilfully murder our coarse fish in their thousands. Not only is there anger here but Inland Fisheries Ireland have copped serious flack across the water. Terry Knight who is a journalist and big time pike angler registered his abject disgust in last weeks Anglers Mail. He made the point that the pike match due to be fished on Lough Ree is now regarded as the Pike Fishing World Cup. Anglers from all over the world come to fish it. He makes the point why bother when the idiots here have just dropped 200 gill nets in it. Who can argue with that!

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