Weekly Blog and the Cruelty of Gill Nets.


Yep, I’ve been up to my neck (not literally) in gill nets this week. It delights me to see that Irish anglers everywhere are voicing their abject disgust at what the IFI are up to once again. My computer has been red hot and I guess will stay that way until something is done. These evil folk under the guise of a fish survey (don’t forget the pike are about to spawn) are killing fish, which in any other country would be conserved and cherished. Clubs in the UK actually pay huge sums of money for prime coarse fish to stock their waters. Fish farms in England cannot breed enough coarse fish at times to meet demand. Muppets here condemn fish to the dust bin. They have got away with it long enough.

I have before me a copy of the bye laws regarding pike and coarse fish. The very bye laws put in place by the fisheries board. One section covers, ‘Good Pike Angling Practice.’

It states. Try to avoid over playing fish to exhaustion. Land your pike quickly.

Use a landing net to lift pike from the water for de hooking.

Take care to avoid damage to gill rakers (GC. Thats a bloody laugh init) when removing the hooks.

Weigh your pike in a sling. Never from the mouth.

Support your pike up right until it is strong enough for it to swim away.

How hypocritical is all that folks!

On a brighter note I did manage to fit in a few hours fishing. I landed some quality roach and not a gill net in sight. I’d better not divulge the location though had I.

I also finished the first of a series of six films I am making with Cedar Tree Digital Media. They are entitled The Kingfisher Diaries. On that note I also started work with another documentary film making company. It’s content at this stage I can’t divulge but believe me it will shake certain foundations to the core.


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