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Right now I am struggling to find time to keep my website up dated. Last Tuesday I spent the day in the film studio finishing off the first of six films which will be called The Kingfisher Diaries. They are not just about fishing. I am driving around Ireland in my camper van, visiting some fabulous locations, meeting Irish folk and doing some fishing as I go. Today I am working with another film company on a documentary called, ‘Fishing for Facts.’ It focuses on the down turn of fish species in the Shannon and why this has taken place. The American producer is very clever and nothing will be left out. To say some well educated people are now spilling the beans is no understatement. It will be an explosive production and watch out for some very red faces amongst folk who are simply not doing their jobs in the protection of one of Ireland finest assets. The film should be available by the end of this year.

The gill netting fiasco still has tempers raised. Standard procedure by the IFI is to batten down the hatches until the furore dies down and then poke their heads out and carry on as before. I call for one voice, one body amongst all anglers. Lets have a common pot. If every angler in this country or for that matter any anglers from abroad who truly care forked out just a fiver there would be enough money to fight what is taking place here. In the UK there is a body called Fish Legal. It was once called the A.C.A and was run by my old mate Allan Edwards. Over the years they haveĀ  never lost a court battle on behalf of anglers and have won countless millions in compensation. For the sake of our fish, come on lads do something about it.

As I write I just received a call from Steve ‘Golball’ Moran who fished the Shannon at Lanesboro last weekend. There were six anglers on the stretch, some pike fishing others attempting to catch other species. Guess what. Nobody had a bite all day. Perhaps all the fish that have been hung in gill nets recently finished the place off all together. Bloody disgusting!!!

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