Weekly Blog. Gob Shites and Bottlers.


What a week. A week that highlighted just how many gutless assholes there are amongst us. Well over a decade ago an outside influence came amongst us that not only devastated peoples lives but also their business’s. Talk was and still is rife amongst local folk and all know what the problem is.     Some of us have worked on the situation on a weekly basis in the hope that what we had will be allowed to return and hoping for the backing of those most affected when it mattered most.

Recently the knight in shining armour graced us with his presence or should I say an independant film company who are prepared to work on all our behalves and make a documentary exposing the problem. Now guess what. Most of those who have shouted the loudest when asked to speak on film have run for cover. They disgust me. Not all though fall into that category. A small number are prepared to stand and be counted. Good on you! And when the job is done watch for all the gutless snakes who will crawl from their hiding holes and shout what a great job they have done. Take your shirts off as you have all got a big yellow streak down your backs.


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