Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Fish.


A good time back I once watched the River Monsters programme. Only once may I add. At the time it struck me as so much hype that to me, a reasonably knowledgeable angler, I found it  somewhat embarrasing.

A few weeks back I was doing my weekly read of my old mate Keith Arthurs column in the Angling Times who in a nice way commented he had come to the same conclusion as me.

Out of curiosity I decided to have another look.

Jeremy Wade, the programmes presenter travels to many exotic places in the ‘persute’ of so called killer fish. Sensationalist documentary, going by the viewing figures, has the general public hanging on to their armchairs.

All well and good but! I have travelled around a bit and caught some of the species Jeremy targets in the series and yes if you happened to be more than irresponsible you may end up with some kind of injury whilst landing or unhooking.

Many of the fish Jeremy catches are truly fabulous specimens but to suggest more or less on a weekly basis that they will eat you whole or drag you off to the murky depths is to say the least a bit over the top.

Having said all that. Who can blame the man. His programme does very well. It’s obvious folk really enjoy it. To me, it’s a pity though, that 90% of the great British public now believe if you dip your toe in the water it’s liable to be bitten off or worse by some monster of the deep.





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